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☞ Internal Linking - What is internal linking

What is Interlinking in SEO - IndianCreator.in
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Internal links, or Internal links, are one of the most important factors in SEOInternal links are links between blog pages within the same domain name.

A simpler way of thinking is that internal links are links from one page to another on the same site.  Internal links are often used to navigate between pages within the same Website.

☞ The effect of internal links (Internal Links)

➦ Set up the structure for the website.

➦ Increase the PR index evenly.

➦ Increase the Page Author index.

➦ Often made Menu for web pages.

➦ Is an important factor in keyword rankings.
➦ Increase the index speed.

☞ How internal links are reasonable:

➦ Build internal links at pages with high PA metrics.

➦ Find internal links from other sites to important landing pages.

➦ Building internal links at the post has lots of important information.

➦ Put internal links at home page.

➦ Place internal links at the footer.

☞ Internal internal links:

One problem many websites have is that they have too many important websites that need to rank well.  You cannot put too many links to the directory pages on the main navigation bar because this bar size is limited.  Therefore, sometimes one or several important folders are "dropped", like the one below

One way to solve this problem is to make sure all of these directory pages are linked.  Now we will have the link diagram as below.  Note that if a directory page is linked to by another directory page rather than the home page, it will not get much link juice (the power of the link) because it is now at a lower level in the website architecture.  However, this is still much better than the site is not completely linked to as shown above.

☞ Some notes when building internal links

➦ Find internal links from important web pages to important landing pages.

➦ Actively put internal links in pages, articles with lots of backlinks

➦ Depending on the product as well as your requirements, the page that needs to increase rankings is a product page, news or service recommendation, ... And what to do is to put all the power from other sites to this page.

➦ This is completely understandable, pages or articles with many links pointing to synonyms that the page has the power better than other pages.  And then these pages will be more valuable to our landing page.

➦ Should use breadcrumb: Breadcrumb also known as the navigation bar is usually placed at the beginning or the end of the article to let users know where their position is in the website and help it easily switch to another position.

➦ In addition, you also need to pay attention to anchor text when placing internal links, should not place anchor texts indiscriminately and reluctantly, make the website content thin or offensive, leading to users not to believe.  imagine that content

☞ Epilogue :

Through this article, I have shown you a little more understanding about internal links is extremely important and Google users' habit of clicking on these links will know what your page is about.  Therefore Internal Link is considered as one of the most important SEO factors.  Try to create appropriate internal links, do not intentionally create a distortion for the specific purpose of the content of the article you want to talk about.