Limitations of Blogger - Blogspot

Limitations of Blogger Blogspot - Blogging limitations on Blogger

Limitations of Blogger Blogspot - Blogging limitations on Blogger
 Limitations of Blogger - Blogspot

I am sure many of my friends already know what Blogspot is, But, well let me explain a little with a concise about what is Blogspot?

Blogspot is a free blogging platform.  Blogspot provides a very complete and extraordinary blogging feature for free for users.  Friends can create a blog easily and quickly by using the Blogspot platform. Creating a blog on the Blogspot platform is quite easy, a user friendly display and full features for blogging needs.

● Blogspot is the most popular blogging platform

Blogspot is one of the most popular blogging platforms today. is the easiest blogging platform ever.  The features contained in Blogger are very numerous and complete, besides the user friendly blogger display makes it easy for users to explore menus in the blogspot platform.  A beginner blogger can easily create and develop a free blog without having any coding knowledge.

Features and support available on is very complete to support blog customization.  Easy access in changing the appearance of bloggers with custom templates is very helpful for bloggers in customizing their blogs.

Looking from the rich and amazing features available on the Blogspot platform, maybe there are friends who ask, Does the Blogspot blog have restrictions?  or, What are the limitations of a account?

Every blogger must know about the limitations of the blog account from the Blogger platform.  If we already know about the rules and restrictions on Blogger, then this will be easy to learn.

Well, for friends who don't know the rules and limitations of the Blogger platform, here are the limits and rules on the blog.

1. Limitations in Blogger Account

Maximum total blogs: 100 per account

"About Me" information on the blogger account profile page: 1200 characters

Hobby Information: 2000 characters

Maximum number of blogs attended per account: 300 blogs

Image width uploaded by post editor: Maximum 1600px.  Wider uploaded images can still be uploaded but will be automatically resized (reduced) to 1600px

Image width uploaded via Template Designer (Background): There are no restrictions

Image uploaded via post editor: 8MB

Image uploaded via Template Designer: 300Kb

Image uploaded via cellular: 250Kb

Image hosting capacity (on Blogger via Picasa Web Albums): 4GB per account

Image hosting bandwidth: There are no restrictions


2. Limitations of Blogger in Blogs

Blog title / name length: 90 characters

The length of the subdomain name ( 37 characters

Blog description length (description in header): 500 characters

Number of members per blog: 100 people

Number of blog readers [ for personal blogs ] : 100 people

Number of posts: There is no limit

The number of posts displayed on the post page list (homepage, label, archive) is determined by the options in Settings> Format> Show at most.  If the selected day (days), then the maximum limit on one page view is 1MB

Number of labels: 5000 sheets per blog unique label

3. Limitations of blogger in Posts

Length of each post: There are no restrictions

File weight for each post: There are no restrictions.  However, as mentioned above, posting files over 1MB can cause parts above 1MB to appear on the next page (multiple pages for one post)

Number of labels per post: 20 unique labels

Number of comments per post: There is no limit

Posting file name length (file name in the back post url): 39 characters


That is more or less the rules and limitations that exist on the Blogspot blog platform.  Hopefully by knowing the rules and restrictions on Blogger, we can better master the world of blogging.