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☞ How to Increase Blog Traffic Full Guide - IndianCreator

How to Increase Blog Traffic Full Guide - indian
How to Increase Blog Traffic

Most Welcome in this blog. Today in this article we will Talk about How to Increase Blog Traffic.

Increasing blog traffic is an absolute requirement for blogs to continue to exist, even more so amid increasingly fierce competition today.

And one way to increase quality traffic to a blog is to dominate SEO

There is one thing that should be noted if you want to dominate SEO and still exist in 2019, namely Google Trust, blogs must have Google trust.

If this does not exist, it is certain that your blog will not appear on the first page of SERPs.

Conversely, if a blog already has Google's trust, nothing can prevent you from occupying the first page of search results.

☞ 1. Earn Google's Trust

In this context, understanding the basic components of Google's trust is a must.
Blog age: Google calculates the age and content of a site in its database. A new website, newcomers will not get a high SERP ranking. Google takes into account performance and consistency over a reasonable period of time.

Authority Profile: Google relies on healthy backlinks that show the authority of your profile. Google will believe if a blog has quality links that come from sites with high quality content and good diversity across the web.

Content: For Google, content is the most important component on which to prioritize a blog.

If you want to be tethered to Google's relevance algorithm, concentrating on what is written, length, very interesting content and relevant keywords are very important.

Avoid articles that are too short, duplicate or content that is spinning.

☞ 2. Remember the Age of a Website

This is More Important Than Appearance
Google really doesn't care whether a blog has an attractive appearance or not. For Google the consistency of managing a blog for a certain period of time is more important.

If the site is not old enough, it certainly won't get a higher ranking though, it has a number of relatively good backlinks, even though the blog loading is very fast, attractive and easy to navigate.

It should also be understood that all your activities in running a blog are also observed by Google, whether while logged in, all are analyzed and assessed by Google.

☞ 3. Quality is More Important than Quantity

When doing something on a Blog, it's important to remember that quality will always beat quantity in everything you do.
Don't focus on how much content you create, on the contrary, it's better to concentrate on how to make high quality content the right way and regularly do it every week.

Google is only interested in good quality content and not in how much content you create.

☞ 4. Content Will Forever Become King

Content that is the foundation of the site will always be king. Blog ranking will drop dramatically if your content does not meet the basic SEO requirements.

Google wants to always serve the best and highest quality content to its users.
The fact that often happens is that only quality and viral content is often shared by people on social media and e-mail.

All of us must be interested in sharing something that can provide tangible value and benefits.

You have to focus on quality content because this is the most important component in search engine optimization.
Content must be easy to understand, can help visitors overcome their problems or at least be able to effectively answer their questions.

Large and quality content if compiled properly can provide a big jump in the SERP ranking and we are required to always be consistent.

You can't come up with great content this week, and then produce mediocre content next week.

Furthermore don't bother to make anything the following week. You cannot expect such a good rating.

☞ 5. Blog Design Must Be Mobile Friendly

If your website design is currently not mobile friendly or difficult to navigate, slow loading on mobile devices, get ready to lose visitors.

Search through mobile devices has now surpassed desktop search.

Remember Google is currently very focused on mobile device users. This can be seen from Google's attitude which shows preference for mobile friendly sites by launching AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

If your blog comes with emphasis on mobile friendly design, you are in accordance with Google's wishes.

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