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☞ Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org - IndianCreator

Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org - IndianCreator.in
Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

WordPress is a website content management system (CMS) application that is very popular with webmasters, but many still don't know the difference between WordPress.  The fact that WordPress has two versions, namely the instant version and the install version.  The instant version can be obtained by registering on WordPress with the address http://wordpress.com, while the install or self-hosted version of WordPress can be obtained by downloading it from WordPress with the address http://wordpress.org and installing it on the server itself.

Despite their differences, both can be used free of charge.  When viewed from the way of use, it seems not much different.  How to use self-hosted WordPress with WordPress Instant (WordPress.com) is almost the same, both from how to post it, create a static page / page, general settings, upload files, and so forth.  WordPress provides two different addresses, namely WordPress.com and WordPress.org

☞ Difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org - IndianCreator

WordPress.com is a blog service site that uses the WordPress engine.  By registering on the WordPress.com site, users do not need to install or configure.  The drawback, WordPress.com users are not allowed to change the standard templates that have been provided.  That is, users cannot add any accessories other than those provided by WordPress.com.  However, the features it provides are good enough.

While WordPress.org is a developer area.  At this site address, one can download the application along with all WordPress CMS files and do the installation or configuration on the server (host) itself.  In addition, this CMS can be changed again if you master PHP, CSS and other scripts in it.

☞ If we are short, here's a small difference in the scope of use:

WordPress.com: intended for users who want to create their own blog quickly and have a website address.

WordPress.org: intended for users who want to modify WordPress according to their own needs or want to create a blog using their own address and server.

☞ Conclusion

Either WordPress.org or WordPress.com can be used by anyone for free.  The difference is just hosting the placement.  And that also quite influences our authority in managing the website.

If you use WordPress.com, then the hosting will use WordPress.com hosting. In addition, your domain will later become domainname.wordpress.com or it can be called using a subdomain of the wordpress.com domain.  If you want to change it to domainname.com only, you have to pay the existing costs.  Because using hosting from WordPress.com, you will not be given full control of your site, everything has been set by WordPress (depending on the plan), so you will not be able to use custom plugins, themes, and others.  If you want to create a website on WordPress you can visit on Wordpress.com Website.

But if you use WordPress.org (self-hosted), the hosting provider is not WordPress, but is borne by you.  Then the domain address can use a TLD domain or your own domain name, such as domainname.com (do not use subdomains from wordpress.com).  In addition you will be more free to manage the website and do various customization of themes, plugins, monetization, and so forth.  If you want to create a website using CMS from WordPress you can visit Wordpress.org Website.

That is more or less the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.  If you want to make a website from WordPress please refer to 2 posts on how to create a website through WordPress above. I hope this helps.