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how we can make money by writing articles

how we can make money by writing articles

how we can make money by writing articles

What's up creators!!! what is going up? We hope, everything is going well. Welcome, to another "money making" blog of Indian Creator. In this section, we discuss some legitimate ways to earn money online. We hope, our "money making" segment will help you to find out a genuine way of online earning.

Today, we will see, "how we can make money by writing articles?". No, it's not a topical method like blogger, wordpress etc. This is completely a different method. In this method we don't need any kind of personal blog or website to publish articles. So, without doing delay, let's get started.

Special thanks to "topbuzz". Just because of "topbuzz", we can do this whole thing.

*** Page Contents ...

• Detailed information about "topbuzz".
• How we can create a "topbuzz" account?
• How we can publish articles on "topbuzz"?
• How we can make money on "topbuzz" by writing articles?
• Conclusion.

1) About "topbuzz" ...

Topbuzz interface

Basically, topbuzz is a content sharing platform like YouTube. Millions of content creators, sharing their creativity through this platform. Though, this british content sharing platform is similar to YouTube but it has some extra unique and cool features compare to YouTube. Not just video, you can also publish videos, articles, news, GIFs, photos, using this platform. As well as, you can monetize your contents.

The monetisation process is also different from YouTube. YouTube gives payment through their advertising method. But, topbuzz's monetization process is depends on your content's performance. If your account complete total 5000 views or 100 followers, then, your account will be monetized. Many factors affect your content's revenue on topBuzz, like, your content's performance, quality, views etc.

Let's see, how topbuzz pay their creators. Once your total earnings reach $100, you can withdraw your earnings via, PayPal or bank transfer. Please keep in mind that you will only be able to request a withdrawal between the 2nd and 4th (GMT/UTC) of each month. PayPal payments will be processed by our payment team after you request a withdrawal. Bank Transfer will be processed by the end of each month.

*** We hope this information is enough for the clear overview of topbuzz. If you still have a question regarding topbuzz, please comment below.

2) How to create a "topbuzz" account and publish articles?

We need a account, to post articles on topbuzz. Let's see, how we can do this ...

Open your favourite browser and search for "topbuzz". Now, follow this website ...

Topbuzz website

After entering to the website, you will see a interface like this ... Here, click on this icon to sign up.

Topbuzz sign up

After clicking the button, you will see this menu ... I am selecting my google account to sign up. But, you can choose, any option for sign up.

Topbuzz sign up menu

After sign up, you will see a interface like this ... Now, click on this icon to enter in your account.

Topbuzz my account

After entering to your account, you will see a dashboard like this ... Now, click on this button to write articles.

Topbuzz article writing

This is your dashboard for writing articles. Before proceeding further, please, read the guidelines of topbuzz by clicking this button.

Topbuzz content policy

Put your article's title in this field and write your whole article in this area.

Topbuzz article title

Topbuzz article body

To understand clearly, follow this guide ....

Topbuzz article guide

Here, you will see some buttons. Use these buttons to arrange your article.

Topbuzz arrange articles

To add a image in post, put your cursor to the area where you want and then, click on this button.

Topbuzz image button

Then, select your image and enter your image in the post.

Topbuzz image added

After writing the post and doing all set-up, come to this section "Thumbnail". Here, you can choose a thumbnail for your article. Click on this button to select a thumbnail for your article.

Topbuzz single thumbnail

After that, click on this "+" button to add a thumbnail.

Topbuzz thumbnail add button

Now, choose a thumbnail from your written article and hit this "submit" button.

Topbuzz thumbnail submit

After doing all the things, double check your article and click on publish button to publish your article.

Topbuzz publish articles

If, your post follows topbuzz's guidelines, it will definitely be approved. This can take maximum 1 hour. As you can see, my post has been approved and it is on topbuzz's list.

Topbuzz my article

3) Conclusion ...

Share your views about this article. We have given as much information as we could. If you still have a question regarding "how we can make money by writing articles?", please comment below. Do share this article with your friends.


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