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how to make a free online store

how to make a free online store

How to make free online store

Hi creators !!! what's going on? Hopefully, everything is going well with you. Welcome to our new "money making" blog. Today we are going to demonstrate "how to make free online store". Yes your eyes are absolutely fine and  it's going to happen. Meesho is giving us the opportunity to, create a e-commerce store through them. Read this article carefully to create, your free shopping store on "meesho". So, let's get started ...

Page Contents :

• What is "meesho"?
• How to create a account on "meesho"?
• How to promote and sell products on "meesho"?
• Conclusion

1) Detailed information of "meesho" ...

Meesho detailed

Basically, meesho is a online shopping store. They have a huge collection of premium quality products. Meesho has - Branded ... Pants, T-shirts, Shoes, Jewellers, Mobile and laptop accessories, etc. You can grab this quality products at huge discount.

At the other hand, meesho is a huge market for resellers. At the end of 2015 meesho was introduced this reseller program for their customers. Now, they have more than 50 lakhs resellers who earn money while working from home. The journey of "India's no.1 reselling app", is a great inspiration for us.

After registering to the reseller program, meesho gives you a e-commerce store and a dashboard. You can control the whole store with this dashboard. You can do all of these things ... share catalogs, change store language, check meesho credits, add bank details, etc.

But, you might have a question in your mind that among all of these, where is the profit of meesho. Let's clear it ... Meesho's reseller program is a kind of promotional strategy. They are not investing any kind of revenue for their advertisement. They are using resellers as their brand ambassador. In this way, they are saving huge amounts of assets from their total income. And, the resellers are enjoying a piece of the pie.

Let's see how meesho gives us the payment. After becoming reseller or store owner, you will get paid every time someone orders from your shared catalogs. Every product in your store has different profit margins. Meesho gives your profit margins directly in your bank account.

2) How to be a "reseller"?

Let's see, how we can be a reseller ... To be reseller at Meesho, you need an account. So, let's create it ...

First of all, open your "Play store/App store" and search for meesho. Now, install this app ...

Meesho app

We have already downloaded this app. After that, open this app.

Open meesho

Then, click on this button "Sign Up For Free" ...

Meesho sign up

Here, you have to enter your mobile number ...

Meesho enter number

Now, click on continue.

Meesho number continue

After that, a verification code will come to your given mobile number. Enter the code in this field provided and click on continue.

Meesho verification continue

After that, your account will be verified.
Now, click on this button to proceed further ...

Proceed further

Here, you have to fill these basic details to create your meesho account. Enter your age, gender and occupation in this given field.

Meesho sign up

Now, click on "continue".

Sign up continue

Again, click on continue button.

Meesho permission

Here, you have to allow few permissions to meesho.

Storage permission

Contacts permission

After giving permissions, you will see a interface like this.

Meesho collection

First of all, fill-up your bank details to receive payments. Follow these steps to fill-up your bank's information. Open this section "account".

Meesho my account

Here, you will see a option "My Bank Details", click on it.

Meesho bank details

Fill this details in these given fields ... bank account number, account holder's name, IFSC code.

Meesho bank details

You can add, your passbook's photo in this area.

Meesho passbook

After filling the details, double check your information. Now, click on submit button to add your bank details.

Meesho bank submit

Congratulation ... now you are a "meesho reseller".

3) How to promote and sell products?

Now, the main question is how we will sell our products. First of all, open your meesho app. Here, you will see many products.

Too many products

You can share any single product or also can share their detailed catalogs. Here, you have too many options to sell your products. You can sell your products in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. Click on this download button to download the product's catalog.

Download catalogs

After downloading the catalog, you can promote and sell your products on any social network. If you want to share and sell single product then, open a product and click on these share buttons.

Single share

By clicking this button, you can copy the product's details.

Copy details

Copy the product's details and and share it to your social media.

*** Some Tips for New Comers ...

• Create a Facebook page related to reselling

• Create a WhatsApp group related to reselling

• At the beginning, share your products to your neighbors, family members, friends

• Join some Facebook group related to reselling for the promotion of your product

• At first, keep your profit margin low

4) Conclusion ...

That's it ... we hope this article will be helpful for you. Share this article with your friends, family members so that they can take advantage of it. If you have any questions regarding this, please comment below.

... Stay techy Be happy ...
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