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how to download premium themes for free

how to download premium themes for free

Download premium themes for free

What's up creators!!! we hope, everything is going well with you. Welcome to another informative blog of Indian Creator. Our today's topic is.... "how to download premium themes for free". We hope this will be a useful trick for you.

*** Point to be noted...

• We are not providing any kind of cracked/nulled theme.
• This is a legal way to download a paid theme.
• We are against piracy.

We are using "Themeforest" website to demonstrate this process.

Themeforest website

*** Key points of this demonstration...

• About "Themeforest" website.
• How to create a "Themeforest" account ?
• how to download premium themes for free.

1) Details of "Themeforest" website....

Themeforest details

"ThemeForest" is a creative market and also a great website for premium themes. They are providing their creative products since 2006. Also, they have the huge collection of premium themes. The Main features of their theme is:

• Unique design
• Separate dashboard for customisation
• 24 × 7 hour premium support
• Encrypted script for templates
• Light weight
• SEO friendly
• Future updates
• User friendly interface
• Etc

*** Customer Support....

In a single word, their (Themeforest) customer service is awesome.... The team members are very friendly and always ready to help you. A chat system is always available for the newbie. Overall, a pro quality support you can take from here.

What is "Themeforest free files" ?

Themeforest freebies

As we know "Themeforest" is a premium theme provider. So, they don't provide any kind of free theme. So, they do not offer any kind of free themes. But ... they have introduced a new feature for those who have an account in "Themeforest". Which is called... "Themeforest monthly free files". In this feature... they release some bunch of products in monthly basis. Some premium themes are included in this bunch. So, in next few steps we are going to learn, how we can download these "free files"?

Follow the steps carefully to grab your "free files"....

2) Create a "Themeforest" account...

First of all, open your default browser and search this keyword... "Themeforest". Now, follow this website.

Themeforest main website

After entering the website you will see an interface like this...

Themeforest interface

You can see a option at the top right corner of this interface. Simply, click on it. After clicking the button you can see some options like this...

Themeforest options

Without any confusion click on this option... "Create an Envato Account".

Create an envato account

Now fill-up this basic form like this...

Demo form themeforest

And then, click on this button... "Set up your Envato account".

Setup envato account

After clicking, the button another form will be open. Follow this guide to fill it...

Another form

After filling this form, click on this button "Create your Envato account".

Create your envato account

Congrats... we hope you have done well.

3) how to download premium themes for free...

Now, open a new tab in your browser and search for "Envato free files". Then, follow the website given below...

Themeforest free files

After entering the website, first sign in to your account. By clicking the button at the top right corner, you can sign in to your account.

Themeforest sign in

Now scroll down to see your "free files".

Themeforest files of the month

Here, you can see a template called "SEOHub". But ... you can see the price tags beside each product.

Themeforest price tag

Don't worry... click on the product and then, scroll down.

Click on a product

Here, you are able to see a button "download it for free", click on it.

Download for free

After clicking on the button, a zip file will be downloaded to your device. 

Wow.... great.... you have done this....

4) Conclusion...

That's it guys... If this article is really helpful for you... please... share this with your friends. If you have any kind of query regarding this... Please... drop a comment. Thanks for visiting...

... Stay techy be happy ...
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